• For Beautiful Packaging The perfect addition for stand out packaging. Enabling brand owners to complement package design and provide a differentiating factor on resealable packs, our zippers are the perfect choice. Available in many different types and materials, include single, double and triple profiles, the closures can be used with all commonly-used packaging machinery, packaging processes and package types.
  • Over 100 possibilities With over 100 grades of high performance zippers to choose from, SANZIP is the world’s leading re-closeable zipper brand for pouches and bags. Part of the C.I TAKIRON Corporation, SANZIP brings over 30 years experience in providing innovative zipper solutionsfor a wide variety of applications.
  • For Innovative Packaging Our zippers are perfectly aligned to consumer trends, providing brands, converters and manufacturers with the ability to create highly innovative, convenient packaging. SANZIP re-closeable zippers - creating opportunities.

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